Friendly.organisms is an ongoing art-science project exploring ambivalent sites and their systemic interplay with their environment by sound and other means. Within their institution-independant research, Katharina Hauke and Till Bovermann, together with their human and non-human collaborators, develop and study methods on how to approach organisms of various sizes based on the act of listening. They worked with various places e.g. at Eden Project in Cornwall or with various microworlds in Sapmi-Land.

Eden Project residency

In September 2018, Katharina and Till set out for a four-week long expedition to Eden Project in Cornwall, UK. Our intention has been to invite (non-)human beings on the site to create electronic sounds as a shared artistic intervention. But we soon found that we were confronted with something much more than just a place to make music at…


In September 2019, Till set out for a two-week expedition to Kilpisjärvi in the three-nation border between Finland, Norway and Sweden. Here he documented his journey.


This collaborative project with Hannah Imlach began as a conversation while Hannah and Till undertook the meticulous work of assembling parts of a tetrahedral kite on a large table in the Kilpisjärvi Field Station during the 2019 HAB / Field_Notes expedition.

Frank recording wind in the reeds.

Friendly soundforms

Together with artists Frank Schulz, Heidi Bruck and Ismail Arslantürk of Thikwa-Werkstatt für Theater und Kunst, Katharina Hauke and Till Bovermann of friendly.organisms spent the first half of 2022 promoting inclusive cooperation and collaboration between artists and the environment. In a series of work phases, we jointly selected and visited places around Berlin with the aim of portraying them and creating sound compositions both in and in cooperation with them and their inhabitants.