Emerging Microworlds

About a hundred meters west from you, there is a small body of water, hidden away slightly below the turf. Small rocks are scattered around it, while grass-like plants are sparsely growing from its bottom through the water surface.

In summer and autumn, the water is very clear and you can easily see the narrow bottom. Can you imagine how the wind sounds blowing through the grass?

Ice-age ponds thrive
Human and microbe collide
Life finds a new home

The mind and nature
Tundra’s secrets come to light
Wildness intertwined

Language can obscure
Humanity’s encounter hence
Wild mind comes alive


The surrounding of Kilpisjärvi is host to many “microworlds” — relatively small places like rocks, small ponds, or streams that gather a relatively big variety of plants, mushrooms and small animals. During a residency at the Kilpisjärvi Biology Station in 2019, Till Bovermann became interested in the sounds and interrelations within such microworlds. He recorded them and performed together with them with his electronic live-coding system. The ‘Pathways to Science and Research Stations’ R&D&I services Residency by Helsinki University allowed him to use the collected material to compose sound pieces that focus on specific aspects of the microworlds he found relevant.