The individuals behind this project are Katharina Hauke and Till Bovermann.

We are very grateful to have had the support of the following institutions and individuals to carry out this project. Without their financial or idealist help, this project would simply not have been possible.

    • Aporee for their Miniatures for Mobiles platform,
    • Eden Project for hosting and financing the invisible worlds residency,
    • Rotting Sounds (funded by the Austrian Science Fund (FWF) as project AR 445-G24) for additional financial support,
    • uMap / OpenStreetMap for their map-related services,
    • Antye Greie for her expertise and general power,
    • Klaus Bovermann for donating used laptops and his general support,
    • for hosting our media,
    • BELA for their amazing embedded sound platform, and
    • FoAM for their general support and excellent production.