The Arrival

We drove through a maze of hedges and soil until we reached the brightly lit portal declared as the back entrance of a garden called Eden.

The man at the gate knew of our arrival and our names and handed us the keys to what we would soon call our home for now. We arrived there in pitch black darkness and only with the help of a local guide and working man.

Tired as we were, we still decided to go for a nightly walk through the hilly lands. The light of the portal lit the thin tissue of clouds above. From afar we heard the sound of air being channeled so we knew we were heading in the right direction. Soon we got caught up in a conversation (this and that I guess since I don’t remember) and as we turned a corner we saw more lights twinkling through trees and bushes that seamed our way. We pushed away some twigs and before us lay the biomes glowing in the dark. They were not sleeping. Were they even tired?

The next morning we woke up to Eden.