turning point between Flushing and Falmouth

Don’t take anything we say for a fact. In fact, if you hear us say a thing about anything, my advice would be to think of it most differently.

We are explorers in an entirely and by no means explored world –or the other way around– who are we to trust. We don’t even trust ourselves. If you ask us, we are of different opinions, a lot of times complementary ones, but that’s more due to our nature than to the nature of the object of our opinions, let alone nature itself. Mainly I like our many differences, I am intrigued by the complications their combinations allow to build up. Some times I find myself enjoying constantly shifting opinions in order to build up a network of contradictions within myself. To feel more coherent, so to speak. Other times they make me go crazy in a bad way. This place makes me go crazy, this situation we’re in, you. Especially when I reflect myself too much in your surface.

In essence, I can’t bear likeness. Maybe that is why I was always fascinated with Nietzsche.

What were our expectations and after all, what are they still – these are answers I read from our questions. It’s so uncomfortable to think. That that’s it. Astonishing that in this world there is a place for us. Maybe we can be useful to some – but to those do we want to be useful?

This reads very pessimistic. Maybe because for the first time since we’re here it is raining and I didn’t go outside all day.