people as stones

So many accompanied us on our journey. We are thankful to have met each and every one of them. For their help and perspectives on the world, for spending time with us, for being the way they are.

As we were walking on the beach on one of our last days, we started collecting stones, seashells, litte driftwood… We planed to give them to you as a present. We discussed each piece, whom to give it to and how and why. But we just couldn’t come up with a proper solution for a single one of them. What we wanted to give to you was this tiny bit of the ocean – but by extracting it from the whole, it became a fraction of what we saw in it, lying there on the beach between thousands of other entities that all together made up the rim of the ocean that we wanted to give. So we left them there and took photos instead.

We hope you like them.

Thank You

Adam, Amber, Anna Maria, Anthony, Catherine, Chris, Colin, Dave, Gaby, Greta, Helen, Jack, Jake, James, Jo, Kathie, Kev, Kevin, Kim, Klaus, Marc, Mike, Paul, Sofie, Tim, Veerle