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RIXC — un/green conference

Friendly Organisms had the chance to take part in the 4th Open Fields conference on Art-Science 2019 in Riga/Latvia. During 4 days of many talks, discussions and art interventions, we did a lecture performance around our experience at Eden Project.

Lecture Performance

We arranged spoken texts, photos and field recordings into a 20-minute performance based on material from our eden project archive. Themes included:

invitation to eden
friendly organisms brought
equipment – listening & playing
an Eden-Project related node
the biomes
accidental world-making
finding calm spaces
side-effects of world-making
pumping as protected cultural heritage
pumping as untold necessity
art as joint perception of world
borders blur / are a matter of taste

Since the performance itself was tailored to the event itself, we decided to not publish the material in its raw form.