preparation: getting to know our project partners

Today, we went to Thikwa-Werkstatt für Theater und Kunst to meet nine of their resident artists and present our upcoming project friendly soundforms to them and ask, if they want to take part in it. We were greeted by a wonderfully warm and embracing atmosphere full of curiosity and patience. It was an exciting day for us and we are looking forward working with our new collaborators!

We were met by curiosity and concentration; also the hands-on session with Systems∿Encounter was well-received. In this photo, Frank Schulz of Thikwa tries out the different sounds possible to create with it.

Friendly Soundforms is part of TRANSFORM — inklusives Raumlabor, a project of EUCREA funded by Aktion Mensch, Musikfond, Friedrich Stiftung, Mara&Holger Cassens Stiftung, Rudolf Augstein Stiftung, Claussen Simon Stiftung, and Gabriele Fink Stiftung.