in the field: Klang-Börse pt.1

Today was the first day that we worked together as Friendly.Soundforms: Frank Schulz, Ismail Arslantürk, Katharina Hauke, Magdalena Oelmüller, Till Bovermann. Tomorrow Heidi Bruck will join us, too.

Together we engaged in listening to the soundscapes of the Zur Alten Börse 41 workshop area – first through our ears and bodies only, and later with the support of different types of microphones, contact microphones and a geophone.

We identified a lot of sounds such as Basketballhammer, Rauchbohrer, or Düsenwind.

Friendly Soundforms is part of TRANSFORM — inklusives Raumlabor, a project of EUCREA funded by Aktion Mensch, Musikfond, Friedrich Stiftung, Mara&Holger Cassens Stiftung, Rudolf Augstein Stiftung, Claussen Simon Stiftung, and Gabriele Fink Stiftung.